Our Team

AMCD is a special district—think Fire, Water Conservancy, Parks & Rec—formed by vote of the tax paying residents of La Plata County, overseen by an elected board of directors who hire a manager and staff to operate the mosquito control program.

Board Members

Tony Whittle

Board President

Butch Knowlton

Board Member

Ann Bruce

Board Member

Scott Maycock

Board Member

Cecilia Whitaker

Board Member

Staff Members

Joe Kuefler

General Manager

Pat Kelley

Staff Supervisor

Melody Davis

Office Manager, Lab Technician

Charles Devon

Mechanic, Trap Technician

Carl Schaaf

Field Technician

Seth Foster

Field Technician

Terry Eshelman

Field Technician

Andrew Parker

GIS and IT

Van Gramann

Field Technician

Joseph Kuefler

Field Technician