Mosquito Control is Vital to Public Health

Far beyond holding back the mounting threat of disease, AMCD has improved conditions in the Animas Valley for all life since its formation in 1960.

People Love the Animas Valley for its Recreation, Wildlife, and Agriculture

But It Hasn't Always Been That Way

Back before 1960 it had always been unbearable to go outside in the evenings. Wildlife left the valley every spring, livestock milled every evening, and residents had to wear long sleeves, gloves, and bags over their heads to be able to tolerate the mosquito swarms while doing their evening chores.

I can recall the years before we had mosquito abatement and how the livestock would run and mill in the evening to get relief from all of the mosquitoes we had back then.

Bob Balliger

age 92, lifetime resident of the Animas Valley

As a boy I remember seeing a gray horse out in the pasture that I didn't recognize, and as I walked up to it to I realized it was our palomino horse, covered with so many mosquitoes that it appeared gray. On another evening I placed my hand on a horse and after pulling it away there was a bloody imprint of my entire hand left on the horse by all the mosquitoes that I had crushed.

Butch Knowlton

lifetime resident of Durango

Animas Mosquito Control District is Formed

In 1960 residents of Durango and the Animas valley voted to tax themselves to receive the benefit of a mosquito control program. Their vision and sacrifice along with the continued service of AMCD has so radically changed conditions here that many residents who have come into the valley since that time live completely unaware of the unbearable mosquito population that the Animas Valley's ecosystem produces without the constant influence of a mosquito control program.

Today Disease Prevention is Our Focus

Headlines all over the world are teaming with concern about the exponential increase in the numbers of mosquito borne disease cases. These diseases are being spread to countries far from their origin largely due to increased international travel. Mosquito control has taken a new global priority as this health threat continues to expand throughout the world.

West Nile Virus came to the shores of the US in 1999. By 2004 it had spread to Colorado. Now that it is here, each year Colorado has to contend with this and other mosquito borne health risks as they arrive.

Our Mission

AMCD exists to protect the people, pets, livestock and wildlife of the Animas Valley from mosquito borne disease and discomfort with a commitment to the research and use of the most earth-friendly products available.