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Crews are working hard to protect you!

Our mosquito control technicians have been working very hard to protect residents and visitors. We have stopped many mosquito breeding areas from producing adults that would ruin outdoor activities and potentially spread disease. Crews have been diligent and thorough about inspecting all habitats in our district. 

May contain: slide, toy, and water

We have residents here that will not return our calls or allow us access to mosquitoes breeding in their backyards. This then puts the entire area at risk having unchecked mosquitoes continually hatching and biting everyone in the area. This forces us to have to send out the fogging truck to needlessly fog the area to control mosquitoes that should have been eliminated in their larval stage.

Please allow our technicians access to your property or at the least please put fish in your ponds to protect your pond naturally. Inspect for any stagnant water on your property and turn it upside down.