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We have been very busy this year and the river is flowing high now. We have many areas that are receiving ground water that have been dry for years. These areas are full of eggs laid in the damp soil that wait for flooding to occur. We can have thousands of mosquitoes hatch out of one small area that is untreated so we have been very diligent in checking these known areas for larvae.  We are anticipating the river to fluctuate and then peak around the middle of June.

We have been receiving reports of large swarms of mosquitoes to our North. These are the same kind of mosquitoes that try to grow in our district. They hatch out of large woodland pools and sloughs in the National Forest. They will fly into our district in search of a blood meal and are very aggresive daytime biters.

We have been setting up our mosquito traps and will be testing for West Nile Virus once we catch the vector adults.