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April update

We found the first larvae of the season on March 31st. These larvae were close to the Durango Mall and walking trail. These species are very aggressive daytime biters that we eliminated from bothering people in the area. We have been finding them hatching from North of Bakers Bridge to the middle of Durango. There are mosquito eggs laid in the soil many years ago that are now hatching with the melting snow.

The crews are working door to door trying to get ahead of the coming mosquito population boom. The Animas River will be flooding areas soon and providing a lot of extra water, to land full of eggs laid from 1 to 5 years ago, that will start hatching. We expect many thousands of adult mosquitoes to fly into our district from the National Forest this year. There are many woodland pools surrounding our district which are untreated and have been used for thousands of years by these mosquitoes. We will be placing new traps in some of these areas to catch as many as we can to prevent them from fully swarming the bordering areas in our district.