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No Spray Disclaimer

The Animas Mosquito Control District (AMCD) has the authority and responsibility to perform a variety of mosquito abatement activities that are geared toward the reduction of these insects which carry diseases that can affect the people, animals and wildlife within the AMCD. Because insects respect no boundaries, it is important to provide these abatement activities on private lands in the AMCD.
(these activities are funded through property taxes of the Districts residents)

It is AMCD’s policy to only perform these aerial mosquito abatement activities at night (between sunset & 2 AM) when they are most active and bees and other pollinating insects are not present.

Also, AMCD’s present philosophy and goal is to reduce the need for aerial abatement at all, by implementing an extensive mosquito larvae control program to eliminate them in their aquatic habitats before they become a health threat or a nuisance.

There are excellent products available to this public health service today, several being OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed. AMCD is one of the few mosquito abatement districts that uses these products, and we are committed to, and fortunately able to, protect our community in this way. We want our residents to know that for us to address mosquito abatement in this manner we require access to mosquito habitats and the cooperation of property owners where these water habitats exist. Please spread the word so we can work together and continue to reduce the mosquito population in the AMCD.
The No Spray request is something that should be carefully considered – especially; due to the trend of mosquito-transmitted diseases that are on the move globally, including throughout the U.S.A., such as the West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria......etc. ( AMCD sets 17 traps throughout the District from May to September. The Culex mosquito species that are collected are sent to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment in Denver to be tested for the West Nile Virus (WNV). In 2019 there were 8 pools of mosquitoes from these traps that tested positive for the WNV.

Animas Mosquito Control District
No Spray Request Form

The Animas Mosquito Control District (AMCD) maintains a list of District residents who request a limited shut-off of aerial mosquito abatement application.  This list represents a good faith effort by the District to shut off truck-mounted low volume aerial equipment at the property line of a registered property.
This request will be rendered null and void for the remainder of the active mosquito season (to be renewed the next season) if WNV or any other arbovirus/pathogen transmitted by mosquitoes is detected in the area. Our No Spray residents will be notified if this occurs.
 Note: This limited shut-off of aerial mosquito application does not imply that AMCD will not inspect and implement abatement activities for immature mosquito larvae in their aquatic habitats if it is necessary to do so. It is a limited agreement not to apply aerial application for the adult mosquitoes.

Fill out the form below and submit. This will alert us that you would like to be on the No Spray List for 2024.

If you choose to download the document, please email to or mail to 870 CR 252, Durango Colorado 81301. Thank you.


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