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No Spray & Special Instructions

No Spray

AMCD, as a courtesy, keeps a list of residents who do not want any aerial application on their property. This is called our No Spray Request Form and it is required to be updated annually. If a resident would like to be on this list, or remain on this list, they must contact us to request an updated agreement every year. It is AMCD’s policy to only perform these aerial mosquito abatement activities at night (between sunset & 2 AM) when they are most active and bees and other pollinating insects are not present.
​The No Spray request form is for aerial applications only and does not pertain to larvae control and/or habitat mitigation activities. 

Bee Aware

Special Instructions

AMCD also keeps a list of Special Instruction properties for those who have any, previously agreed upon, instructions for our field technicians in regards to entering, inspecting and/or treating for mosquito larvae.
For example: 'Dogs in yard' or 'Call before entering' or 'Always include our property when in the area!!'